Directions to the Quinta Amada


Quinta Amada -  Bed and Breakfast

From Mexico City



You can reach us by flying into Mexico City and then taking the Estrella Roja luxury bus directly from inside the airport to the CAPU bus station in nearby Puebla. You can then take a bus to Tlaxcala on the Verdes bus line; buses leave about every 20 minutes. Or we can arrange to pick you up in Puebla for the 30 mile trip to our Mexican Country Villa for an additional fee of $30 USD.

Alternatively, you can take an authorized taxi from the Mexico City airport to the TAPO bus station, then travel by first class bus directly to Tlaxcala. Buses leave from the ATAH bus lines about every 20 minutes. There are always taxis available outside La Central (the Tlaxcala bus station), or if you prefer, we can arrange to pick you up at the station, free of charge.

Taxis and buses are readily available and inexpensive for your transportation while here, or we will be happy to take you on local tours and day trips. according to your interests.

Driving Directions From Mexico City (See Map)

Driving east from Mexico City on the toll freeway 150D (“autopista de cuota”), turn off onto Mexico 117D at San Martin Texmelucan. It is about 23 km from San Martin to Tlaxcala.

There are two ways to get to San Juan Totolac and the Quinta Amada B&B from this point. The shortest and most direct route is via our neighboring town to the west, Panotla (but the turnoff to it can be hard to find, since there is no highway sign marking it). Or you can take the Tlaxcala City turnoff and backtrack 1.5 km to San Juan Totolac.

Panotla Route: Shortly after the 19 km marker, look for a pedestrian overpass with a green highway sign that reads:

Ciudad de Tlaxcala
Cuna de la Nacion

Almost immediately thereafter you will see another highway sign that reads:

Campo Militar
Próximo Retorno

Shortly after that one is another reading:

Campo Militar
Panotla, Tlaxcala

The turnoff to Panotla is just after this second sign and the 20 km marker. It is a narrow paved road—the first road on your right after the second Campo Militar sign. Look for the soccer field on your right just before turning. Follow this road to the traffic light, then turn left onto the two-lane federal highway. Continue on this road about 1 km. You will see a Pemex gas station on your left and an overpass up ahead. Cross the overpass and turn left onto the first street after the overpass. This is our street, Calle 20 Metros. Drive about halfway up the hill to La Quinta Amada, #37, on the right hand side.

Tlaxcala City route: Stay on highway 117D until you get to Tlaxcala city and take the Tlaxcala exit. Bear to the left and get in the left hand lane. At the traffic light, turn left and cross over the overpass, then bear to your right (a highway sign will indicate “Totolac/ Mexico Libre). Follow this road about 1.5 km to our street, Calle 20 Metros. It is the last street before the overpass/bridge that crosses over to Panotla. Turn right onto Calle 20 Metros and go about halfway up the hill to La Quinta Amada B&B, #37. There is a doorbell to the left of the wrought iron gate.

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