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Quinta Amada -  Bed and Breakfast

  Sharon and Jaime

     I, Sharon Sanchez, and my husband Jaime are pleased and honored to be your resident hosts at La Quinta Amada Bed and Breakfast. Jaime and I met 25 years ago when I traveled to Guadalajara to learn Spanish for my job working with social services, and he was managing the posada/guest house where I stayed. On that, my first trip to Mexico, I fell in love with the country, the language—and Jaime and I fell in love with each other. We soon married, and we lived and worked in northern California for many years, but we traveled frequently to Mexico and kept alive the dream of “someday” returning there to live.

     Jaime was born and spent most of his childhood and youth in Mexico City, but he also spent two years in Tlaxcala as a young child. His mother, Amada, was from San Juan Totolac, and Jaime has many relatives still living in the area. When I first visited Tlaxcala with Jaime, I was immediately charmed by its natural beauty, its colonial architecture, its traditional customs, its unique, fascinating history, and the warmth and hospitality of its people. I agreed with Jaime that this was the place to build our house in Mexico.

     My vision has been to create a place where I would have liked to stay when I first traveled to Mexico. I wanted to be in a real Mexican community where I would have the chance to meet local people, learn about local customs and traditions, even participate in a fair or fiesta, and try to come close to an authentic cultural understanding of Mexico and her people. I wanted a place where I could ask questions about all the many new and puzzling aspects of life here, from the simply practical details—how much does the bus cost, do you pay when you get on or get off, where are the ATM’s, what’s the prefix to call a cell phone, is the water safe to drink?—to the deeper historical and cultural questions. I wanted someone to converse and practice my Spanish with—and also someone who could help me out in English if I needed and wanted that. I had a romantic vision of a home in the Mexican style, with vibrant colors, handcrafted tiles, a gurgling fountain, and impossibly bright bougainvillea spilling over a wrought iron fence.

     Over the past several years Jaime and I have worked to make that vision come true with our Quinta Amada Bed and Breakfast. If you are also looking for some of the same things I hoped to find when traveling to Mexico, we hope that you will give us the pleasure and honor of welcoming you to our home.

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